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5 Tips for Using a Bamboo Tablet

If you (or your college) can’t afford a tablet computer, then a peripheral tablet or digital pen can be a good inexpensive option. For those who have never used a Bamboo Tablet, it’s like writing with a pen.  You hold the stylus like a pen.  When you apply pressure to the tablet, the mark (digital ink) does show up on the screen, but… It’s also not like a pen, in that the friction between the stylus and tablet is much different than that of ink gliding across paper.  This causes an “unanticipated roughness” in the appearance of text written on the tablet. That being said, here are my 5 tips for using the tablet: 1.  Use proper ink width.  If you are given a choice, that is.  Your choice of ink width will probably depend on your writing style.  If you normally have small writing, you may want to use a thinner ink width.  Likewise, if you make larger letters, try a thicker ink.  Here are examples of different widths: 2. Relax. Clutching the pen and writing slowly is not worth the effort. You’re better off trying to imitate what you do naturally (with a real pen) than trying to “reteach” your hand how to write altogether. Here’s what I mean. 3. Find a comfortable way to hold the stylus without disturbing the pen buttons.  If you accidentally press...

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Top 10 Technology Tools for Math 2008

1. Jing gives students and instructors the ability to capture an image of any graph or equation they see on their screen and share it anywhere else (message boards, emails, papers, digital assignments). Using Jing you can also record videos of up to 5 minutes in length. [Free, Mac/PC] Not sure how to use Jing? Check out the tutorials at the end of this post. 2. Wolfram Demonstrations provides close to 3,000 interactive demonstrations on mathematics. Students and instructors can play with demonstrations by downloading Mathematica Player. Demonstrations can be written by anyone with a copy of Mathematica and are reviewed before they become part of the Demonstrations Project. [Free, Mac/PC] 3. WebAssign is a publisher-independent site for online homework. It was designed originally for physics and does a particularly good job of handling the problems unique to learning math-based content. Publishers work with WebAssign to create online homework for their texts. [$ for students, PC/Mac] Note: You can write your own problems for WebAssign, in which case, there would be no cost for students. WeBWorK is also worth a mention here for the more technically-inclined. 4. WizIQ provides a platform to easily hold online office hours. You have the option of audio and video on both ends, multiple users, interactive whiteboard, and file upload. Sessions are recorded and can be accessed for 30 days. [Free, Mac/PC] 5. Windows...

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Going Over the Test: Technology Style

So you’ve given a test in your calculus class – the dreaded test that covers related rates, optimization, and graphical analysis. You could spend the next class period going through the questions on the exam and answering questions – but if you do that, then that’s all you’ll do. Let’s see … how can we go over the test without losing class time? Well, here’s how I’m doing it now – I record the making of the answer key. 1. Print the test to Windows Journal. 2. Record yourself explaining each problem (use Jing) while you write the answer key in Journal (or OneNote). 3. Produce each problem as a separate file, and load the files (or links to the files) into your online course shell. Here’s one of the related rates problems. And for the graphical analysis problem, I recorded a couple different versions of how you might have taken the derivatives for the problem (I needed them for grading anyways). In this case, I produced a separate video for each part (first derivative, 2nd derivative by log differentiation, 2nd derivative by quotient rule, etc.) Possibly Related Posts: Group Exploration in Math Elaborations for Creative Thinking in STEM Learning Math is Not a Spectator Sport Recorded Webinar: Teaching Math in 2020 AMATYC Keynote Notes: Challenge and...

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