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Open and Close MathType Equations Quickly

Just in case some of you have made the migration to Office 2010 over the summer (I bit the bullet last week) … here’s an update to making the Ctrl-E hotkeys to open and close MathType without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.  This shortcut (which you should only have to install once per computer or Office upgrade) will save you so much time. For those of you working with older versions of Word, there are videos for that too. Ctrl-E Hotkeys for Office 2010 with MathType Ctrl-E Hotkeys for Office 2007 with MathType Ctrl-E Hotkeys for Office 2003...

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eLearning Tools for STEM

For anyone who has ever had trouble convincing your administration to give you the proper tools to teach online, I give you this little gift: eLearning Tools for STEM, published today in eLearning Magazine. The tools for STEM eLearning Tablets Recording & editing software Jing Equation software and training Synchronous communication system Online homework system Other head-turning resources for STEM Wolfram Demonstrations Digital libraries (a lengthy list) Video collections (another list) TI-SmartView Other tips (about accessibility, computer labs, etc) can be found at the end of the article. You can read about all the tools, and why I recommend them, by going to the article, eLearning Tools for STEM. Possibly Related Posts: Group Exploration in Math Learning at Scale Slides from ICTCM Elaborations for Creative Thinking in STEM The Importance of Findability for Learners Learning Math is Not a Spectator...

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Max-Plus Algebras

Someone asked for a copy of my Master’s Thesis Max-Plus Algebra: Properties and Applications (written in 2002 when I was finishing my Masters in Mathematics at the University of Wyoming). I thought I would just make it generally available in case anyone else is interested. The thesis explains what max-plus algebras are, relevant theorems and definitions, and illustrates examples of how max-plus algebras could be used.  For example, you could use Max-Plus algebras to calculate the quickest traffic route or finding the bottlenecks in a production line. For the record, not one character of LaTeX was typed to write this thesis.  I typset the whole thesis using MathType and Word. Possibly Related Posts: Group Exploration in Math Elaborations for Creative Thinking in STEM Learning Math is Not a Spectator Sport Recorded Webinar: Teaching Math in 2020 AMATYC Keynote Notes: Challenge and...

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Impact of Wolfram Alpha on Math Ed

I’ve had almost two weeks to think about the impact of Wolfram|Alpha (abbreviated as W|A, and now pronounced by me as “Walpha”), and I’m ready to share some of my thoughts with you. After spending hundreds of hours reading more than 200 papers on innovation in math instructional practices, change in higher education, and diffusion of innovation theory, it is strange to suddenly find myself observing the possibility of a sudden shift in math education caused by a new innovation. I liken it to being a vulcanologist who has, up until this point, been observing a dormant volcano and then quite unexpectedly, it begins rumbling. Please keep in mind that these are my own predictions and thoughts, for better or for worse. 1. The adoption rate of W|A amongst students in higher education will be extremely fast. I’ve examined the attributes and variables that affect the diffusion of innovations, and found that every single one points to a fast adoption amongst students.  Because W|A is free and similar to other technologies they know how to use (designed like a search engine), it has relative advantage over other CAS technologies.  With prior CAS technologies, you had to know exactly what series of steps or commands to write in order to extract the outcome you desired, but with W|A, the less you ask for, the more you get out.  W|A just...

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Ctrl-E Hotkeys for MathType in Office 2007

You may recall that I took the Office 2007 plunge over a year ago and gave up after a month because it wasn’t compatible with Adobe Acrobat 8.  Well, it’s a year later and (in preparation to install some other software that overlays Office), I decided to try again. First, I can report that my prior Acrobat – Office 2007 issues have been resolved. Second, if you have to upgrade to Office 2007, but already have a prior version of Office and MathType installed, I have instructions for going through this process. Third, if you’ve got both Office 2007 and MathType installed, but would like to change the keyboard commands for opening or closing an inline equation, watch the MathType tutorial video. Possibly Related Posts: Group Exploration in Math Elaborations for Creative Thinking in STEM Learning Math is Not a Spectator Sport Recorded Webinar: Teaching Math in 2020 AMATYC Keynote Notes: Challenge and...

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