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Collecting Learning Notebooks in an Online Course

In a prior post, I discussed how I’m using Learning Notebooks to encourage students to carefully think through the mathematical steps and notation for solving problems. I promised that I would explain how students complete this assignment in an online course, so today I’ve made a video, Collecting Learning Notebooks in an Online Course to show you the process I’m using inside of Instructure Canvas.  The process should be similar for other Learning Management Systems (though it may not be quite this easy). Here’s the process.  Students still complete their Learning Notebook exactly how they do in a traditional class....

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Hard-learned Tips on Screencasting

My latest column for MAA Focus, Becoming a Screencasting Star, is now available online.  In this post, I include a collection of “Hard-Learned Tips” on screencasting – these are things I wish someone had told me before I recorded my first set of videos.  For example … Mind Your References. Don’t mention specific texts, sections, or page numbers in your screencasts. If you do, then switching to a different text or a new edition will suddenly make all your videos out of date. If you must reference a section or page number, do it in the text that accompanies...

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Custom Stamps for Grading in Adobe Acrobat

Many people have asked me to give a tutorial on creating custom stamps in Adobe Acrobat for paper grading.  There’s no reason why you couldn’t do something similar in other programs by pasting images into files, but there’s no doubt that the ease of one-click access to custom stamps is a nice feature of Adobe Acrobat. Step One:  Create the content of the Custom Stamp You can use any program on your computer to create the content: MathType, LaTeX, Wolfram Alpha, Mathematica, Maple, Sage, Word, Journal, etc.  Write the content and try to make it somewhat compact in width...

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Year in Review 2009

I’m about to leave on a five-day mental reboot: no computer, no Internet, no cell phone, and lots of sunshine and pleasure reading.  For the last month I’ve been feeling kind of drained of energy and motivation, and a vacation away from all my high-level thinking and technology obligations sounded like a good idea. While I was feeling kind of unproductive and slug-like, I began reflecting on what I have done this year.  This is my version of a Year in Review. Math & Technology Workshop in Madison WI on Jan 8 Spent a month in India (Jan 11-Feb 12) Presentation at math event in Mississippi on Feb 19 ITC eLearning Conference in Portland Feb 21-24 Presentation to faculty at University of Maryland on March 3 Presentation at math event in Denver CO on March 6 Built a new Mindmap: There’s more to the web than Facebook (for students) Presentation to students at WSCC in Ludington MI on March 9 Built a new presentation: VYEW: The next great LMS? ICTCM Conference in New Orleans March 13-15 Six weeks of intense dissertation reading and writing on Literature Review in which I became something of a hermit (March 16-April 29) Trip to Utah for Mental Reboot April 30-May 9 Built slide version of Organize Your Digital Self Keynote presentation to faculty & staff in Traverse City MI: Choosing a Web 2.0...

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