ICTCM 2008 Day One

Here’s a rundown of the roughly 10 events of my day before the Meeting of the Blogs: 1. Got up REALLY early to finish building the part of the Online Calculus map about WebAssign. I usually give this presentation without any “backup” notes, but I thought I’d better try to prepare something that looked like I spent a lot of time preparing. I actually ordered room service for breakfast because I just didn’t have time to go out and I really needed coffee and food. 2. Stopped by the exhibition hall. I thought it was quite fortuitous that WebAssign and Techsmith have booths that are side-by-side. That makes it really easy to stop by and say hi. This is the first time that TechSmith (they make Camtasia, Jing, and SnagIt) have been to any math conference – so everyone make sure to stop by and welcome them to the math community! 3. I gave my presentation this morning called “WebAssign for Web-Enhanced, Hybrid, or Online Math Classes.” The audience was standing-room only by the end and there was a lot of energy in the room. It was very difficult to stay on-topic on WebAssign because everyone kept asking questions about all the other aspects of my online course (all of which can be found either here in the presentation map or on this blog). I think that everyone was...

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Meeting of the Blogs

Tonight we had a “meeting of the blogs” (Casting Out Nines, Natural Blogarithms, and Teaching College Math) – actually there were five of us (Rose and Jeannine tagged along too). We had a great dinner at Casa Rio, complete with Mariachi band (thanks Jeannine) … see Casting Out Nines for the video of our Mariachi song with a modern twist. (I just realized that I don’t have the cable to connect my new camera to the computer – I thought it was the same cable that my TI-84 calculator uses, but I was wrong… so no pictures … if any of you are at ICTCM and have a Fujifilm Finepix camera, can I borrow your connection cable for about 15 minutes?) Together, the five of us contemplated all sorts of technology issues, plotted how we are going to influence math technology through the collective and social power of the Internet, and made predictions about where some math-related companies will be a few years from now (actually, we think a few companies may be making themselves obsolete, but I won’t go into details here). I’ve sent an email to myself three years from now using FutureMe and in 2011 we’ll see if any of our predictions come true. Here’s to a larger “Meeting of the Blogs” next year! (not in girth, but in cardinality) Possibly Related Posts: The Four Processors:...

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