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Forgot that Attachment? Gmail will help.

Google Labs is now testing a service that searches the text of your email for references to attachments, and then warns you if you’re about to send an email without an attachment. Here’s my one-minute video to show you how to set it up. UPDATE: This is now a standard feature of Gmail. Possibly Related Posts: Write an Operating System for Your Brain The Four Processors: A Neogeneralist Problem? Strategies for Escaping the Echo Chamber Lean in to the Discomfort Steal Back Your Time and Accomplish Your...

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Proselytizing for Google

Proselytize: to try to convert somebody to a religious faith or political doctrine Imagine this delivered “preacher-style” in a white tent on a hot day… (the Unity festival is in town and I feel compelled to preach a different kind of religion) You have all used Google… you have all liked using Google. Maybe you have even liked using Google a little too much. But you probably haven’t delved deep into your computer skills and really learned how to use Google. Once you spend some time truly learning the “gospel of google” you will be able to find the truth you so humbly seek and your spirit will be set free. With Gmail you can eliminate evil soul-destroying spam from your life, browse your emails “conversation-style”, and get everlasting email storage space (okay, roughly 3GB, but it’s constantly growing and even I haven’t filled my mailbox up yet). You can leave behind the mindless folder searching… where did I put that email… having to periodically delete all your “sent” messages and thus losing half of every conversation. You…yes you… you know who you are… I’ve told you how necessary Gmail is to the quality of your Internet life. Why don’t you repent and leave your current email partner? I know your life can be filled with chaos and an overwhelming avalanche of information, but together, we can control the...

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