Some crew we are…

Sep 1, 2007 by

Sally and I took on the task of biking the 19 miles with Joel this morning (Joel was running it) to be his water & gu crew. We did one complete loop of Spring Lake and then a 3.5 mile out and back. Usually we biked on ahead and then stopped at 2-4 mile intervals to give Joel water, gatorade, or gu.

At some point Joel told us to stop at the water tower. Well… we are apparently pretty unobservant (or were chatting too much… Joel’s suspicion) because we totally missed the water tower. Joel ended up having to run 6 miles before he found us, sitting sheepishly on a towel in the sun, at the park where we leave the car.

Joel, knowing that I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, was not willing to criticize too much, but we felt bad for being a bad crew. So when we did the 3.5-mile “out and back” we took another look for the water tower. No idea how we missed it… not like it was a small landmark (see photo below).

We think that in the future, Joel should only stop where there is the possibility of purchasing caffiene, alcohol, or chocolate. Then we will not be likely to be so unobservant.

And here comes Joel (somewhere around mile 15 or 16). Yay Joel!

Hmm. He looks a bit tired… and sweaty.

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  1. Susan

    Can you come over and be my support crew? However, I’d make you sign a waiver that you would be at a certain place at a certain time!

  2. Pop

    It’s quite obvious the water tower is hidden in the trees.

  3. Joel

    Let me tell you – Despite her little mess-up, I’m pretty blessed to have such a dedicated and loving wife!! Plus, she’s Bootylicious!!

  4. Topher

    Jenny and the boys were my water crew one night when I was going for a “long run” of 4 miles back when I first started running outside. I waved at them to go ahead a little farther because I didn’t need water just yet. She interpreted it to mean go on home. Parched, I arrived home sometime later. That’s awesome that you do that. And I agree with Pop, there were some trees in the are, so I can see how you’d miss it.

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