Slovakia, Tatras Mountains… well fog at least

Jul 12, 2007 by

Yesterday we awoke in a little village (think tourist village, not traditional village) in the Tatras mountains in Slovakia. We could not see the mountains (the rain has been following us from country to country), but we were assured that they existed beyond the fog.

Antonio demonstrates to us that the water is drinkable.
Max and Emma on the really rocky trail. It was pretty much like this most of the way up.

A peek of the mountains through the fog.

It was foggy (but not raining) when we started. But after our snack-lunch stop, the rain started and I found myself being thankful (again) that I bought a new goretex rain shell before I left on this trip. So it was a relatively miserable trek up the rest of the trail to the cable lift, which we took back down. The scenery also left when the rain started, and perhaps the fog was good as a few of travelers might not have been so keen on actually seeing the drop down the mountain.

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  1. ohiochemengr

    Fog is exactly what I saw during the one day of my life I spent in the mountains. We were promised that Mt. Rainier was on the other side of the fog, truly they said.

  2. ohiochemengr

    I’m afraid you may be longing for the cool mountain rain and fog in a few days. I’ve been resetting one of my Apple weather widgets to the various cities on your trek map. I’m afraid that the forecast in Budapest for Monday and Tuesday July 16 and 17th is for brutal sunshine with highs approaching 100! Lows in the upper 60’s means the humidity is going to be equally miserable. Ouch.

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