Short trip to Louisiana

Sep 24, 2008 by

Tomorrow I am flying to Louisiana to give an AMATYC Traveling Workshop on Technology for the LaMsMATYC meeting. Thankfully, the hurricane season has let up a bit and the weather looks clear!

The meeting is in Eunice, Louisiana, which is close to Lafayette. I am looking forward to my time in airports (believe it or not) because sometimes I can get some really good writing done in airports – no digital distractions, no student questions, no dogs wanting to be scratched, etc.

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  1. Stephanie

    We usually bring the laptop, earplugs, and movies that we ordinarily wouldn’t watch at home. We call them our airport movies, lol.

  2. Jennifer

    safe travels!

  3. Pop

    I am too distracted watching people in airports to do accomplish anything else.

    Eunice, Louisiana, sounds so south!

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