Sentimental Ornaments

Dec 3, 2007 by

Joel bought this older Hallmark ornament for me on eBay to always remind us of the trip we took to Europe in 2001. We did take a gondala trip on the canals of Venice (singers and all), so it was very appropriate. Although we went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon, Europe was really the trip that inspired a lot of future international travel.

This one reminds us every year of our doggie angel, Conia, who died suddenly in 1998 while she was being spayed. She was a wonderful, well-behaved, cuddly dog and it was heartbreaking to lose her without warning.

This one commemorates September 11, 2001. I found the cross stitch pattern in a magazine and thought it would be an appropriate way to remember.

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  1. Mighty Meg

    I would accept your ornament challenge, but Steve and I have yet to accumulate any ornaments. We had a little tree and some dollar store ones that we got because we had no space in our apartment, but when we moved, they went to Goodwill. So, check back in a couple of years, and then I’ll have some good ones for you. =)

  2. Maria H. Andersen

    Well, there was the category “ornaments that serve a practical purpose.” It would seem that Goodwill ornaments serve a practical purpose. So you’re not off the hook. Let’s see em.

    BTW, now I know what to get you for Christmas!

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