Scenic Vienna

Jul 1, 2007 by

Here are some nice pictures from my walking around Vienna yesterday.

I particulaly liked this statue, it reminded me of the cover of a romance novel (the man is carrying off the woman).

I really enjoyed my trip to the old instruments museum, which also included the armory. The audio guide for all the suits of armor was very good. The museum itself was a work of art.
This is believed to be the oldest Viola in the world (carved from one piece of wood) from the 15th century.
Who can tell me why this suit of armor has the funny cut-out (which is in the front and back).

Believe it or not, this is a male’s armor. Anyone want to venture a guess for why it looks like he is wearing a skirt?

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  1. momma k

    This brings back memories of taking “History of Costume” in 1968. I still have the text–I will see if I can find an answer to your question.

  2. Deepthi

    I think the funny cutout is so that he can wear it when riding on his horse.

    Were the armor made for short men? I remember reading that in mideaval Europe, the av. male height was about 5’6″.

  3. Maria H. Andersen

    Deepthi gets the prize for knowing that the funny cutout is so the wearer of the armour can ride a horse!

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