San Diego Wildlife Park

Jan 21, 2008 by

A self-portrait with the giraffes.

A warthog getting a good scratch from the zookeeper. Reminded me of the dogs.

This guy (below) looks so guilty while he picks treats out of the grass… I wonder who he thinks is watching?

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  1. Stephanie

    Is the car that the lion is on top of part of the exhibit, or is it someone’s car? I have been to a wildlife park in South Dakota and we drove through in our rental car. Is this the same type of thing?

  2. Pop

    I have never wanted to pet a warthog! Nice pictures.

  3. Maria H. Andersen

    The car was part of the exhibit.
    🙂 They provide cars for the big cats to “play with” and leave treats on/in the cars.

    I’m not sure exactly what kind of behavior they are encouraging…

  4. Topher

    You’ve been tagged. Go to my blog to see the questions. Sorry if you’ve already been tagged with this in the past.

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