Resourceful and Pioneering

Feb 13, 2008 by

I’ve always thought I would’ve made a good pioneer.

Check out my User Story in the latest Education Edition of the TechSmith Newsletter.

Things are still pretty busy – five and a half chapters down… five and a half to go. I leave for Kentucky and Texas at the beginning of March. I’m trying to get the entire draft done and off to accuracy check before I leave. So… that’s maybe 500 pages to go.

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  1. Robert Foth

    Nice article Maria.

    I looked further down and saw what the screendraw tool – this is great. Now I won’t have to worry about the flickering that happens when I use starboard software to write on my screen while capturing.

  2. Pop

    I shared the article with the internet/graphics guys that work for me. They also use Camtasia. They were impressed with all you do with technology.

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