Packing for India

Jan 6, 2009 by

I’ve decided to do the entire month-long trip with only a carry-on bag and a camera bag. My reasoning is that if I can pack for a week at conferences in a carry-on bag (which I can), then there’s no reason I can’t pack for a month (if you consider that I can wash clothes every week).

The secret? The Eagle Creek double-sided packing cube. I can literally fit 90% of my clothing in this soft-sided cube, leaving the other half of the suitcase for toiletries, rechargers, a towel, a pair of shoes, and stuff that I buy. I managed to adjust my camera bag to hold the little Aspire One minicomputer we are taking on the trip.

Did I manage to fit all the stuff in the bags? Yup.

What did I forget?

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  1. newman

    intereting read, keep up the good work!


  2. Pop

    Watch out for overweight bags. Todd’s suitcase was 12 lbs. over 50 lbs. and the fee would have been $125.00. Maybe it’s different on international flights.

  3. Camilla

    I really like your design on your blog. It’s really cool 🙂
    Check out my blog, but it’s in swedish because I live in Sweden 😛

  4. Stephanie

    I am really impressed with your slick packing skills. I think I need to take a lesson or two.

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