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Jun 16, 2009 by


Last week I gave a presentation called “Organize Your Digital Self” to the participants at the University of Wisconsin.

Does your email stack up? Do your important web links get “lost”? Are you still creating the website or course link as the last step? Maria offers helpful strategies to get your digital life under control.

This entire webinar is now available as a recording, which can be found at the ICS website.  Just a warning, the presentation runs a little over an hour, but I promise that you will get much more than an hour back in time saved later.

Here are a few of the screenshots:





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  1. Brewhaha

    Hi! I just watched your “Organize Your Digital Self” presentation and loved it. I’ve got lots to think about and try out. I am currently considering refining my email and have a question. Do you sync your college email to your google mail? If so do you use POP or IMaP? Do you ever access you college email or other emails once they’ve been synced? Thanks for you help.

    • Glad you liked the presentation. I use POP and I now that college email is picked up by Google I very rarely (less than once a month) go into my school email account.

  2. Brewhaha

    Do you use any mobile device? Blackberry? Iphone?

  3. Yup. Just switched from a Treo to a Pre. I just pull up the websites (Google calendar, gmail, etc) that track my information on the mobile web.

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