On the Couch with “The Simpsons”

Sep 9, 2007 by

Saturday night at the movies… I don’t know what you think, but it looks like Karen is pretty comfortable hanging out with cartoon characters…

Wow, you say… What’s are they like in person? They’re so funny on TV. Well, here’s the dirt. Maggie can talk, she just has an oral fixation and so she’s always sucking on that passifier. Bart is actually the intelligent one – he says that Lisa is just better at memorizing the complicated lines. Lisa kept saying “oh my god… I can’t believe I’m meeting the Andersens… you guys are like, so famous!” Marge’s breath smells of alcohol, maybe the TV life is getting to her? And Homer? Well, lets just say that Homer has this raw animal magnetism about him… honestly, I don’t know how he fends the women off him …

Where’s Joel? Although he grew up watching the Simpson’s on TV, I couldn’t get him within 20 feet of the Simpsons… totally freaked out when confronted by real-life celebrities.

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