My office… after a book-birth

Dec 13, 2007 by

I hope Karen (my officemate at school) truly appreciates the disaster that is currently masquerading as my home-office. There is not a single clean surface anywhere and the piles that are all over the floor have absolutely no organizational system to them.

I thought I would also pay tribute to the “little printer that could” that has printed somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000 pages in its lifetime (10 years), about 1,500 of those in the last week!

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  1. Topher

    a mess is ok so long as there’s one of “those” boxes laying around. “Those” boxes put food on my table. You should trash “that envelope”, though. As one guy at work says, “those envelopes slap the food out my baby’s mouth.”

  2. Susan

    Don’t feel bad – that is what my home office looks like pretty much every day. Great job on the book!

    BTW: What kind of printer is that?

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