My 15 minutes of Internet fame…

Nov 23, 2007 by

My website & technology blog just got featured in “The Math Forum Internet News” (Volume 12, No.47), published out of Drexel University.

As I had a rather unproductive day full of alternatively napping and reading articles, I may be staying up late tonight to do a long-procrastinated “update” of the Teaching College Math website.

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  1. Pop

    I think there will be more than 15 minutes of “fame” coming from your use of the Internet for teaching math.

    When I talk to media reporters they most often ask whether my name is spelled “SON” or “SEN.” I always tell them, “Thanks for asking.” Most others don’t ask. I haven’t ever worried much about people using “SON,” unless it involved sending money to my bank account!

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    That’s awesome Maria! It’s great that your hard work is being recognized. Carol

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