More sights from Prague

Jul 6, 2007 by

The astronomical clock can tell you the month and day (in addition to the time), whether it is day or night, and as a bonus, when the clock chimes the hour, you can see apostles appear in the little windows.

On the Charles bridge… this is one of the statues (the tallest) and the view on the far end of the bridge.

We also have a nice picture of the house that Einstein lived in for one year on the old town square.

And then I have absolutely no idea what this is. I was wandering through a passageway with shops and I found this statue hanging from the ceiling. The horse is upsidedown and the man riding the belly of the horse is right side up. Anyone else have any insights?

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  1. Pop

    I googled “upside down horse Prague” and it seems the sculpture (done in foam) is a parody of a “real” statue of St. Wenceslas, the patron saint of he Czech people. The sculptor is 39-year-old David Cerny of Prague. He gained notoriety in 1991 by painting a war memorial Soviet tank pink.

  2. Samanta

    Prague is so friendly and welcoming. I visited many cities in Europe, and crossed the Atlantic to New York, and yet I felt Prague was the most pleasant and welcoming city I had ever visited.
    We booked a room in one of the Prague hotels right in the center of the Old Town – wanting to be close to everything. Breathtaking architecture that was preserved as if time stopped, to the picturesque town square, Charles Bridge and many other monuments, or simply because the Czechs are very friendly and tourist friendly.

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