Mindmap for Studying Social Media

Jun 18, 2012 by

For the last two years, I’ve been studying social media from all angles in anticipation of teaching a full course on Social Media (which I did in the Winter 2012 semester).  During that time, I tweeted all sorts of articles, videos, blog posts, and resources related to all aspects of Social Media.

Today I’m doing a 4-hour workshop on Social Media for the MCCVLCC, and in an effort to organize and make sense of two years of study, I decided to build a mindmap about Social Media from all the tweets I’ve made about this in the last year.

View of expanded mindmap for Studying Social Media.


There are eight major branches on the mindmap:

  • Guidelines and Policies
  • The Business of Social Media
  • Studying the Social Network
  • History of Social Networks and Media
  • Social Media and Education
  • Human Relationships
  • Technology and Tools
  • Legal, Ethical, and Privacy Issues

Keep in mind that this is not, by any means, a complete map of Social Media. This is just everything I’ve tweeted related to Social Media in the last year.

Mindmap: Studying Social Media

View of the eight categories of the Studying Social Media mindmap.

NOTE: Due to circumstances I can’t control, you will not be able to view this map from an iPad. Mindomo did just recently put out an App for building a mindmap on iPad, so I suspect viewing mindmaps of other people will be coming soon. Sorry! Please view with a computer for now.

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  1. Melvin Hall

    Looks great. Thanks for teaching us. Is it available to get a file to view in MindJet (mmap)?

    • busynessgirl

      I’d rather not give out a static version because I’m always updating the maps.

  2. Dear Maria,

    Thank you for your wonderful mindmap. Great to see you use a mindmap for this. Could only imagine what a “wonderful” PowerPoint presentation this would be with all the topics in a linear format 🙂

    Did I understand it correctly that you created the map for the workshop? You must have been amazed about how well balanced you covered all the topics then!

    Do you use Mindomo a lot?

    Do you have any thoughts on the impact of social media as well? I would think this could be a separate topic in your map for the people of the Community College.

    Hope to hear your thoughts on these things.

    Best regards,


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