MathType Tips from the Webinar

Nov 28, 2007 by

Here is a short video demonstration with a few of the tidbits about MathType I picked up from the Design Science Webinar from Bob Matthews:

  • Resizing the view of the MathType buttons
  • Quickly changing the zoom of text without having to go into menus
  • Quickly accessing the color menus
  • Quickly changing the style without having to go into menus

I also picked up a few good tricks in PowerPoint, which I will pass along in a separate blog entry.

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  1. Bob Mathews

    Nice video, Maria. Here are two more:

    * You may have noticed that some of the geometry symbols are too small to be easily readable, especially when you print them. Here’s a video that shows how to make them larger.

    * Likewise, you may have wanted to make an integral symbol expand vertically to cover a large integrand, such as a rational expression. This video shows how to do it.

  2. Maria H. Andersen

    That second tip is very timely as I taught definite integrals in class today! It’s always bothered me that those didn’t expand… thanks for sharing! :)M

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