MathType Lite (for Students)

Oct 8, 2007 by

I just found out that after the 30-day trial of MathType is over, MathType reverts to “Math Type Lite.” This version is just like the Microsoft Equation Editor… only some of the functionality of MathType is missing. (Thanks Vera for pointing out MathType Lite!) Here’s the link to the MathType 30-day trial site.

It was always a pain to get students to “turn on” the equation editor in MS products (usually you had to go back to the installation CD to do it).

MathType does work on Macs and PCs… I’m going to ask my online Calc students to begin using it, now that I know they can all get it. With MathType + Jing, there’s nothing that couldn’t be said on a message board now (using an image of the MathType equation).

Has anyone out there tried MathType 6 yet? I’m in the middle of a large project and I don’t want to switch… but I am curious!

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  1. Mighty Meg

    I’ve been using Math Type 6. I haven’t noticed much difference yet, but then again, I’m not using it nearly as much as I was this summer.

  2. Bob Mathews

    Three of the biggest features of MathType 6 (MT6) are:

    * Office 2007 integration. MT6 puts a MathType tab on the Word 2007 and PPT 2007 Ribbons.

    * TeX/LaTeX input. For example, you can type


    and when you hit Enter, MT will happily replace the LaTeX with the actual expression. You don’t need the $ $ or [ ] delimiters, though if you copy an expression from a TeX/LaTeX document and paste it into MT6, it’s OK to include the delimiters.

    * Copy & paste to & from sites like Wikipedia & PlanetMath. Simply copy the image from the web page and paste it into MT6, then you can edit it if you want, and use it in a document or presentation. Likewise, you can author articles for these sites using MT6 equations.

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