Math-y or Educational Use Suggestions for Techsmith?

Jan 17, 2008 by

I’m visiting the Techsmith campus tomorrow (makers of Jing, Camtasia, and SnagIt). If you have any suggestions for these products that would make the products easier for our educational or math purposes, please comment them into this post and I will take them with me (along with a few of my own).

Here’s one of mine. I’d like a feature where students could click a button on the video to “ask a question” about something they are watching (at any point). The functionality would let me, as the instructor, access a file with the questions that were asked with the time stamps from the video. This way, I’d see where the students have questions and be able to assess whether I need to post further explanation on specific topics.

So… next week I’ll tell you all about my visit to Techsmith, post some pictures, and maybe we’ll even have a contest for T-shirts or other shwag, depending on what I get. : ) M

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  1. Robert Foth

    As for your request about having students being able to ask a question at a specific point in the video I would ask them to send a Jing video of the portion of they had a question on – the audio from the video won’t be great, but they can point out specific portions where they had questions (not just one moment in time).

    My requests — the ability to insert a pause in the video yourself – a button below not to pause the recording, but to insert a pause in the video when published (this way you don’t have to tell the students to hit pause before continuing).

    If I think of any more I will send them out to you.

  2. Anonymous

    For flash quizzes, questions need to be able to have superscript and subscripts and use of symbols.

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