Little House in the Big Woods (or … why it’s difficult to get Internet)

Aug 27, 2008 by

Joel showed me that you can go on Microsoft Virtual Earth and get birds-eye views of your house that are disturbingly clear. To do it yourself, go to Microsoft Virtual Earth Live Search and put in your address. We know these pictures (which Joel thinks were taken by drones), must have been taken in the last 2 years because you can see the white satellite dish. They were not, however, taken in the last week, because now we have a black satellite dish in the same place.

The disturbing, and somewhat voyeuristic part, is when you start looking at what’s really going on in your neighbor’s backyards (behind those 6-foot fences). I thought the mess under my side deck was bad last year … but it didn’t hold a candle to this mess a few houses south of us!

So if you’ve always wondered … now’s your chance to get a view from 20-25 yards up.

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  1. Jennifer

    it’s kind of cool and creepy…ours is from the last 2 years because our truck is in the drive but the flowerbed I put in 2 summers ago is not there. So I”m guessing early spring 2006. The “drone” probably flew over the entire area and got both of us 🙂

  2. momma k

    I hope you and Joel realize how fortunate you are to have your beautiful piece of the world.
    We can even see the mowing strips on the lawn on our picture.

  3. Pop

    What an idyllic view of your place. It’s fun to peer over your neighbor’s fences to see what’s in the back yards (although the neighbor picture you posted is a bit scary). I thought one of our neighbors has had an above-ground pool for two or three years, but I can’t see anything like that. Hmmm.

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