Lewis Dot Diagrams in MathType

Mar 27, 2008 by

I was discussing MathType with my officemate (who is primarily a chemistry instructor), and we got on the topic of Lewis Dot diagrams. She complained that its always been difficult to insert Lewis Dot diagrams into text, and I said that I thought I could figure out how to do it in MathType.

I remembered that Bob Mathews (from Design Science) had built Lewis Dot diagrams using MathType, and I asked if he could demonstrate his technique (which he has kindly provided in this little Jing video). His is the first diagram (he also shows you how to get the double and triple bond symbols).

Then I made a video of how I would do it too. Mine is the second diagram.

Anyways, if there’s a chemist in your life – pass these tips along please. You’ll make their day!

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  1. College Resources

    Most students are really having a hard time when it comes to their Math . Its really such a nice thing that there are blogs and sites like this

  2. Mike

    Hi Maria

    Thanks for this little piece of information – out of interest do you use Mathtype with Office 2007 or 2003? Also which version of MathType are you using?

    Sorry if you mentioned this on the video but I am sat at a computer with no sound capability at the moment.

  3. Maria H. Andersen

    I use MathType 6 with Office 2003. However, I’m pretty sure that you’d be able to do this with MathType 5.

    I was using MathType 6 with Office 2007, but the incompatibility of Office 2007 with Adobe Acrobat sent me packing back to Office 2003.

  4. Bob Mathews

    Everything shown in the videos can be done in MathType 4.0+. It doesn’t matter what other software you’re using, since the demo in the videos wasn’t specific to anything other than MathType. MathType 6 though, is fully compatible with Office 2007, and in fact, this is what I used to create my video. (Mine was the Nitrogen one.)

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