Ladies… go see Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Oct 30, 2007 by

I hear the movie did not get good reviews, but I thought it was fantastic and the Clive Owen eye-candy was really nice too! : ) You can watch the Elizabeth trailer on the website.

We had a “girl’s night” and seven of us went to dinner and to see the movie. Everyone liked it and we all went home with a new crush on Clive Owen… who new that Sir Walter Raleigh was so sexy? I grew up learning Virginia history, and I have no recollection of Raleigh as a “sexy” figure in history!

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  1. momma k

    Clive has definitely had a perm. Seventeen years ago when men were having perms, their hair looked just like his.

  2. Nesian

    Saw that movie, not bad… and definitely walked away with a Clive Owen crush! He’s HoT! there’s just something about the guy!

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