Impulse Buy

Aug 24, 2008 by

Are we true Michiganders now? When we moved here, we thought that people in this state spent a ridiculous amount of money on aquatic craft. Well, we still think that, but now we are the proud new owners of an aquatic craft – a used Old Town 12-foot canoe (with paddles and lifejackets).

Joel says that before we take it out for our 13th anniversary (tomorrow), we are going to have to get in it in the front yard and learn how to fight with each other in a canoe (without tipping).

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  1. Topher

    Sa-weeeet! We were just talking last night about how we should buy a couple of canoes. I even looked on Craigslist. Now we don’t have to since we know someone we can borrow one from.

    Happy anniversary!

  2. momma k

    What a great anniversary present. There are so many beautiful little and big lakes in Michigan to use it on.

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