I felt the earth move …

Apr 22, 2008 by

I was up early (5am) for a Friday to prepare for a presentation on the other side of the state. So there I am sitting at my computer at 5:37am on April 18 when I feel like my chair has suddenly started a slow wobble.

I though … huh, that sure feels like the gentle earthquake I experienced in Equador, but this is Michigan. First thought … my chair must be about to collapse (hmm… time for that diet to resume). But, after examining the chair base, it looks okay. Second thought … I must just need to get a LOT more sleep.

(turns out, it WAS an earthquake)

Sorry … I haven’t been updating this much. I’ve got to tell you about our trip to NYC, and I have some other pictures to post, but it’s not going to happen until the semester is over!

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  1. Pop

    I wondered if you guys had felt the earthquake. I also wondered with a big enough shake, could Lake Michigan slosh around like water in a bathtub? Could there even be a tsunami?

  2. Susan

    The earthquake was near the New Madrid fault line. It is a small area in the midwest that affects 5 states (IL, AR, MO, KY, and TN) That area is a relatively high Seismic Zone 3. Only Zone 4 is higher and that is only in parts of California, Alaska, and Southwest Montana.

    OK, that was very useless nerdy information, but thought I would share…

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