How we convinced ourselves to buy nothing from holiday sales

Dec 7, 2008 by

Our stereo receiver is broken (we’ve had it 10 years). So we should replace it. Only that’s at least $200-400. Would our old speakers work with a new stereo? Well, I guess not. So new speakers and receiver ($300-600)- that’s what we’ll get.

But what’s the point of better sound, if you are still using an “old-fashioned” DVD player with no ability to upconvert to 1080p? So, really, what we need is a stereo receiver, new speakers, and a new DVD player (the old one was on the fritz anyways) for a total of $400-700.

But then, why buy a new DVD player if you’re not going to get one that can play Blu-Ray disks? We should really get one that will play Blu-Ray disks (ka-ching $600-$900).

Oh, so now we’ve got a nice stereo, Blu-Ray player, and new speakers – projecting on a TV that’s not an LCD? I really think we should upgrade that too, but we can’t get anything less than a 1080p, because that’s what our TV does now. Add on another $800-$1000.

Um. So two people that watch zero television are going to spend $1400-$1900 to upgrade a home theater system? Hmmm. That makes no sense.

Well, that’s good justification to get a Wii – we could play the Wii on the new home theater system. What’s another $600? That would justify upgrading everything.

Long pause.

Let’s just move the old boombox from the basement to the living room and call it good.


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  1. Jenny

    Ha! Loved your train of thought.

  2. Jennifer

    hey if you get the PSP3 you get the game system AND the blue ray disc player….ok that’s what D told me and it worked for him…merry christmas!

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