How to Recycle Omaha Steak Styrofoam Containers

Dec 14, 2007 by

This is a public service message. We have always loved giving and receiving Omaha Steaks, but HATE the containers that they come in. I just discovered a list of recyclers (listed by states) that will take EPS styrofoam and recycle it. And, there’s one in Muskegon! I even called to verify that these containers are something they can recycle and they are.

If you’ve been looking for a place to recycle your Omaha Steak Coolers, check this list, publshed by the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers, for a styrofoam recycler near you!

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  1. garlicequalslove

    The only “red” in my diet lately usually ends up being wine. Have you found a palce to get rid of the green bottles?

    Great tip on the Styrofoam, too!


  2. Anonymous

    Of course, there’s none in Wyoming. I might call the local recycling plant in town, though. BTW, they’re awesome for packing dishes in when moving!!

  3. Anonymous

    To: Omaha Steaks
    Sirs, I find that I can no longer purchase from you. Your meats are excellent though pricey. The Styrofoam shipping containers are not recyclable or at least not accepted for recycle. Have you considered use of environmentally friendly recycled cellulose materials? Until you start using a 100% recyclable container, I can not buy from your company. — L. G. Birt

  4. Anonymous

    We have been buying Omaha steaks for sometime now for both ourselves and as gifts and find the products to be for the most part exceptional and priced reasonably. My only objection is the nature of the packaging. Those white expanded polystyrene (EPS) transport packages are an essential part of your business but they are not easily recycled even in a large metropolitan area like Chicago. Most of these containers end up in the dumpster on their way to the landfill and will remain there for many many years.

    As a large corporation, Omaha Steaks needs to address these concerns. Consider taking back the boxes, giving people instructions on where to send them without cost or develop new insulated shipping containers that are biodegradable.

    I for one will encourage my wife to stop purchasing products from Omaha Steaks until the issue of packaging waste is resolved.

  5. Anonymous

    I recently found out that Fed Ex accepts syrofoam in any form as long as it is clean. There are usually shipping outlets in most big and small cities and towns.

    I save a couple of coolers in case the refrigerator conks out but I have to recycle the rest.

  6. Anonymous

    We have been receiving your steaks for years and always donate the container to Meals on Wheels. They are very useful for Meals on Wheels volunteers that make the deliveries. This wasn't my idea,.I saw the Omaha Steak container {very recognizable} on a walkway of an apartment in Florida years ago and asked why it was sitting outside on a 95 degree day. The neighbor said that the woman had just had surgery and needed help
    so Meals on Wheels would leave her meal in the container protected from the heat, and the volunteer could just ring the bell and continue on to their next stop. Merry Christmas to all! BD

  7. Anonymous

    We have been using many of the styrofoam containers for years as a little doghouse, or a cathouse. they are great for dryness and cozyness for the animals. Since we have two dogs and five cats [all fixed], and mainly they stay outside, the containers
    have been the greatest.

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