Have you been a virtual vacationer?

Jul 27, 2007 by

At this point the trip is almost over, a quick overnight in Vienna, a quick overnight in Dublin, and I will be home. If you have been following along, either as a commenter or a lurker, I would love to know who has been vacationing with me.

If you could just sign this virtual guest book blog post by commenting with your name (or initials), that would be awesome.

Hopefully this travel blog will become a tradition, as it did seem easier to do it this way than to write a travel journal by hand.

I will keep writing in the blog after the trip, but more about normal everyday life. You are all welcome to keep reading then.

I have plans to go to Turkey virtually this fall, as I never got around to posting the pictures from our trip last year. So at some point this fall, we may revisit Turkey.

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  1. Pop

    Have been following you faithfully and it has been fun. Thanks so much.
    Mark Andersen (father in law)

  2. Anonymous

    Hope your trip home is a good one! I’ll leave you in suspense about the deck, but I will say I’ve saved hundreds buying my hardware at the RE-Store.

    It’s been fun virtual traveling…especially only having to be virtualy hot and uncomfortable.

  3. Jenny

    I’ve loved every post and all the photos! I also like your idea of revisiting Turkey on your blog. Have a safe trip home! (sister in law)

  4. Topher

    Good times. I can’t believe how cheap my month-long European vacation turned out to be. We should let you pick up the tab every time we travel.
    (Maria’s favorite brother-in-law)

  5. Emily

    I’ve loved checking your blog everyday! Great photos and great posts! Have a safe trip home.
    (sister in law)

  6. Brenda

    Hi Maria! I loved following your blog. Hope to see you on the 11th.
    Brenda (scrapbooking friend)

  7. momma k

    Your travel posts made me realize I need to bone up on my geography! It has been very enlightening to read each one, but I know at my age I would have had a hard time navigating the town with a “thousand stairs”.

  8. Tom

    Good food, good fun, good conversation, it’s been a blast except that 109 degree temperature reminded me maybe next year we should go to somewhere a little cooler.

  9. Tom

    oh yeah I’m Maria’s least favorite brother in law haha just kidding…hopefully.

  10. Susan

    I’ve enjoyed your blog. I’ve discovered some places that are a must to visit someday (Dubrovnik and Vienna were my favorites). Boy, your month seemed to go so fast!

  11. sally

    It was a great trip, thanks for inviting me along!! The price was right for sure!

  12. Anonymous

    I have been reading post facto, but I seem to suddenly have time on my hands although I should be sleeping! I just can’t, though!

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