Hally and her Peanut Butter

Oct 23, 2007 by

Halley has always had a passion for peanut butter. Once, she stole a full unopened jar of peanut bar off the counter, got the metal lid off, and ate it all!

So now, when a jar of peanut butter is almost gone, when there is a little bit left on the sides, we let Halley clean up the rest of the jar. It makes her VERY happy. Note the care with which she holds the jar between her paws.
Her tongue is almost long enough to get all the way to the bottom of the jar… but not quite, so there’s always a little bit of peanut butter left at the bottom of the jar that she just can’t reach. It must be very frustrating for her.

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  1. Mighty Meg

    Hee hee… have you tried the bones from Petsmart that have peanut butter filling on the inside? They’re sterilized beef bones, I think, so they last a long time, and Katie just goes nuts trying to gnaw the filling out. It goes really well for the first couple of inches, then gets pretty tough. Fun to watch though. =)

  2. Pop

    OK, here’s an issue on which Halley and I part company. I knew I was one of the few humans that doesn’t like peanut butter. Now maybe I am one of the few living creatures that won’t eat it.

  3. momma k

    Now we know what we can get Halley for Christmas.

  4. Maria H. Andersen

    I think Keri gave Halley a jar of PB one year for Christmas … she was very happy.

  5. Jenny

    We go through a lot of peanut butter in this house! Do you think Halley would get really fat if we sent them all your way?

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