Halloween pic of “the kids”

Nov 5, 2007 by

Halley was a Princess and Sisco was a Rock Star! Just for the record, we didn’t dress them up for Halloween, it was day care that dressed them up. Therefore, we are not yet “those people” who buy Halloween costumes for their dogs!

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  1. Pop

    How cute. Can I say “cute?” And just how did they get the dogs to let them put on the costumes and then how did they get them to sit there for the pic?

  2. Maria H. Andersen

    For the record, it took 8 tries.

  3. Tom

    Isn’t Halloween fun? We get to get a good laugh at the expense of our pets and kids! Haha great pic.

  4. Topher

    Our boys got a kick out of all the pet costumes on clearance at Target the other night. My favorites were the Yoda and Princess Leah doggie costumes.

    Dang it, had we been thinking, we’d have gotten them for Sisco and Halley for next Halloween.

  5. Mighty Meg

    What a great picture!!!

    Hee hee… I wanted to dress Katie up, but we could only find costumes for itty bitty dogs here. =( I did see a hot dog bun that fit around a dachshund though, and I got a great laugh out of that!

    I was thinking that if I were talented enough to make Katie a costume, Steve and I could be pirates and she could be our parrot. =) Yep, I’m a “those people” (or would be, given the resources, time and talent)… tee hee!

  6. J. McCaul

    you may not have “done” it but you did’t say you “hated” it 🙂 Wish they came in “big” dog sizes for our two!!

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