Halloween Math Costumes

Oct 29, 2007 by

Last month, my calculus class noticed that they would be having class on Halloween.

Do we really have class? they asked. Yes, it’s an 8am class, why would we cancel it?

Can we wear costumes? they asked. Yes, you can dress as your favorite mathematical function.

Can we get extra credit if we dress as a math function? they asked. Sure, why not, but I’m bringing my camera.

This week they are a little more nervous about the idea… we’ll look like geeks! they said. I said, Well, if you’re trying to win a “scariest costume” contest, what could be scarier to people than a logarithmic function?

Will they dress up? No idea. But if they do, I’ll post the pictures.

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  1. Mighty Meg

    I hope they do! I can’t wait to see what they come up with… you know, I was pondering this all morning. What would I dress up as?

  2. phillip

    I hope they don’t dress up as the null set.

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