Giving up the Medical Savings Plan

For the last several years, we’ve been participating in my employer’s medical savings plan. The first couple years, you had to mail all the EOB’s to the plan, including a form in the front with your signature. But the last two years, you had to fill out a line-by-line accounting for every expense that you are claiming. So for every $3.79 prescription or $7.54 chiropractic visit, that’s a separate line of the form to fill out with date, type of claim, name of provider, dependent name, and dollar amount.

I just spent a beautiful Friday morning doing nothing for two hours but filling out these stupid forms (for a tax savings of $60-80 and to reclaim money that is from my paycheck). In an age where ever prescription is entered into a computer and ever EOB is printed from a database, why the heck can’t this information just be sent directly to the Medical Savings Plan?

And let’s not even go into the fact that you have to predict, in advance, how much you will spend on medical in the next year (and it’s use it or lose it). If there was ever an unpredictable cost in our lives, it is certainly health care. Hmmm… let’s see, I think I’ll plan for medical costs associated with a car accident for the next year … whatever!

Well, I quit. This is a ridiculous and tedious way to save tax dollars. These are the last forms I’m turning in. I’ll come back when there is coordination of technology amongst all the medical providers.

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  1. Pop says:

    Before I retired we were in a medical savings plan. Our health insurance carrier notified the savings plan when there was an expense and we were automatically reimbursed by a direct deposit. So it does work that way in some plans. We would only have to manually prepare a claim form for something like an off-the-shelf medical product. But, alas, the program is not offered to retirees.

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