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Apr 9, 2008 by

Someone mentioned this software on a Listserv I am on (thanks Pauline!) and I thought it should be passed on.

If you can’t afford Adobe Acrobat, you can use PrimoPDF (a free download) to make PDF files.

Even better, if you need a student to send you files in a “standard format,” the student can use the PrimoOnline file converter to upload a single file and receive the converted PDF file as an attachment to an email. This means there is no software download required (you know how students are with installing software … ). Also, if you’re on a computer with no PDF capability, you could use PrimoOnline too. Personally, I’m bookmarking this one!

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  1. Bob Mathews

    Good suggestion. I’ve been using Primo for a while since Acrobat 8.0 (the Pro version, no less!) started getting flakey. I’ve noticed Primo PDF files are larger than PDF files produced with Acrobat, but they’re smaller than PDF files produced with Word 2007’s “Save as PDF” command.

  2. SplineGuy

    I’ve been very please with CutePDF which installs as a printer on your system and anything you can print on your machine, you can create a pdf. I’ve not tried Primo PDF so I’m not sure how it works. I like the idea of a Web app but web applications tend to be clumsy due to login requirements and they are sluggish due to upload speeds. Just my two cents.

    I’ll plan to test out PrimoPDF just see how it compares.

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