Foreplay? or just play?

Nov 29, 2007 by

Our cats really like each other… they wrestle, chase each other, and well… let’s just say there are other activities too.

We weren’t sure how they would get along when we brought home Taggart. Rearden was already 9 years old, and had never lived with a cat before. At first, Rearden (who has lived with many dogs over the years) was terrified of Taggart and would just run away. Which is funny, because even now, Rearden is double the size of Taggart.

To make a long story short, we found them curled up in a basket together after the first few traumatic days, and they’ve loved each other’s company ever since.

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  1. Tom

    You know you can be arrested for having Kitty porn on your computer.

  2. J. McCaul

    why the poodle cut?? what happened?

  3. Maria H. Andersen

    It’s called a lion cut… and we do it because he likes it. He prances around the house and generally acts like a lion when his hair is cut. Plus, it cuts down on the amount of cat hair in the house.

  4. J. McCaul

    makes sense…but caught me off guard 🙂 I guess I haven’t ever seen him with the “do” 🙂

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