Flash and Math

Nov 19, 2007 by

Barbara Kaskosz and Doug Ensley have put together a new site for learning to use Flash & Math with all their tutorials (beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

To see some of the Flash applications that have been built, go to the Math DL site and search for Flash/Shockwave resources (as shown in the image below).

Amongst other things, there is a nice collection of tools for multivariable calculus developed by Barbara.

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  1. Robert Foth

    The tutorials on the site are great – I found this last year and have been building flash applets for my online courses I am developing (now I am doing this for my Hybrid courses). Many of the tutorials can be found in a video format.

    They start from scratch and show you how to construct basic objects in Flash – If you get creative you can make some really interesting tools for your class (you of course need to buy Flash – best done by purchasing the web standards CS3 suite at the educational discount price).

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