Evenings in San Antonio

Mar 20, 2008 by

The view from my hotel room on the 38th floor on the night I arrived in San Antonio.

San Antonio is pretty lit up at night.

This is the Casa Rio restaurant – the first restaurant to locate on the Riverwalk and one that had GREAT food! This was where the “Meeting of the Blogs” occurred.

Left to right: Jeannine (future blogger), Robert (Casting Out Nines), Scott (Natural Blogarithms), Me, Rose (just started a new blog called Teching Up after the conference)

Our serenade from the Mariachi band. Does anyone else think it’s funny that the first part of “Mariachi” is my name? Maybe I need to take up a new hobby?

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  1. Pop

    There was a restaurant on the river walk where the waiters are rude to the customers (as part of the “ambience”). That didn’t sound fun to me. Your choice of restaurants sounds better.

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