Drowning in Shakes

Nov 27, 2007 by

So… after four months of not losing weight despite not eating dessert. I gave up.

Well, I didn’t give up on losing weight, just the desserts part. I began a new diet called HMR that is sponsored by one of the hospital’s weight loss center.

Ironically, on this diet, I have a lot (as in 3 a day) of vanilla and chocolate shakes, special snack bars (peanut butter, chocolate, caramel flavored), and very small entrees plus whatever fruits and veggies I want to eat.

It feels a bit like the opposite of the previous diet… before I had almost no sweets… no I have almost all sweets. Strange.

Also, I should have started this diet in the summer, when it was warm, because I think all these cold shakes are lowering my core body temperature.

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  1. momma k

    We want reports every week to see how this program is working. I read an interesting book call “The Alpha Solution” this week about medical hypnosis and weight loss. Most of book was about our relationship with food. It was a very good read.

  2. Topher

    Hats off to you and your four months. Although it didn’t produce the results you’d hoped for, it showed incredible determination and self-discipline.

    it’s 10:13am, and a shake does sound good right now. My oatmeal breakfast just didn’t tide me over.

  3. Emily

    Yes, we want reports on how the program is working! Good luck!

    So, do these shakes taste good? Then again, I can’t imagine any shake tasting bad.

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