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Not only am I never coming home…

I joked to Joel, right before I left, that I was going to D.C. and not coming back (I’m a bit sick of teaching calculus this summer). So, not only am I not coming back, I’m going to the Moon! Here’s my bunk: Okay, maybe not really, but I did plan to pack for the trip to Mars and touch a meteorite from Mars. Isn’t it amazing that even in museums, avatars and virtual simulations have become a part of the learning for children (okay, and maybe adults too!) And, who’s cupboards are as organized as these on this theoretical space ship to the Moon? Possibly Related Posts: The Four Processors: A Neogeneralist Problem? My New Work Colleagues Momentary Lapse of Memory New Chapter: Life Reboot Self Evaluation: List of...

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Lost metro passes and scheduling snafus

Well, if you know me, you know that, no matter how organized I seem to be, I am the queen of losing metro/subway/bus passes and that sometimes I just really really mess up my schedule. Last week, I was all ready to go to a Bridal Shower on Monday afternoon, until my hairdresser said, “um, monday afternoon is an awfully strange time to have a bridal shower…” Sure enough, I had missed the shower, it was on Saturday. On the same day, I screwed up the time of my doctor’s appointment and arrived an hour late. So… fast forward to today. I just spent 30 minutes searching high and low for the $20 metro pass that I purchased yesterday. I am staying with a friend and her family in DC and I remembered taking the pass (and my map) out of my pocket and placing it on the guest bed. Somehow, between last night and this morning, I lost it. After searching through EVERYTHING (and even accusing Fluffy of absconding with my metro pass), I finally found it in the little bag where I keep all the cords that recharge all my stuff. Why is it there? I honestly have no idea … I was pretty tired last night – I’m probably lucky I actually made it here with both my carry on bag and my laptop bag. Today’s...

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The Newbie: Museum of the American Indian

The National Museum of the American Indian is the “new kid on the block” for the Mall in Washington, D.C. and was the only museum on the Mall that I had not already seen. So, while everyone else wandered through the Air & Space Museum, I went next door to the American Indian Museum. The building, built from Kasota stone, is beautiful! Joel and I have been to a lot of museums and parks that feature the culture and history of the Native American peoples, so we weren’t really sure what this museum would have that would be new to us. I was the only one who decided to wander over and give it a try and I can wholeheartedly say that the exhibit I saw, called Our Universes: Traditional Knowledge Shapes Our World, was very well done – it provided a perspective on the universe from the point of view of many different Native American peoples. The design of the exhibit was really neat – you wander in and out of a kind of maze of walls to explore the different cultures. I only had 45 minute to see this one exhibit – and that didn’t really do it justice, so I will definitely have to go back on one of my subsequent visits this summer. Here are two pictures of the inside of the museum. The second...

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An Evening of Monuments

Because the weekend was supposed to be so hot, we decided to walk the monuments in the evening – besides the cooler air, we’d get to see the monuments lit up at night. Samantha, my long-time friend since the 5th grade, took the 90 minute commute to D.C. to have dinner with us and walk the monuments. This was, she confessed, the first time she had ever done the “night walk” of the sites (despite growing up right outside the city). Nothing like having visitors in town to make you see the sites near you! We had a great dinner (seafood) and then took the metro to the Smithsonian stop. From there we walked past the Washington Monument to the National World War II Memorial. The last time I visited D.C., this was under construction. It is really beautiful, especially with the fountains all lit up at night. While we were at the WWII monument, the skies began to darken in a way that did not necessarily indicate night. Then the lightning began to flicker in the distance. Suddenly, the Lincoln Memorial, with it’s sturdy roof, seemed like a compelling place to be. When you are walking past the Reflecting Pool, pause for a moment between references to all the movies that you’ve seen it in to look back and snap a picture. The WWII Memorial frames the Washington...

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Contemporary Art, Friends, and Heat

We saw a LOT of art in D.C. We visited the Freer and Sackler Galleries, the National Museum of African Art, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, and the National Gallery of Art (both wings). It might be worth mentioning (to those of you who also have a planned visit to D.C. in your future) that you can accidentally wander from the Sackler Gallery to the Museum of African Art without leaving any buildings. Just be aware. I spent about 30 minutes thinking that it was a bit strange for the museum for Asian art to be displaying so many exhibits of African art. Eventually I figured out that I had switched museums … my slow uptake on that must’ve been due to the almost 100 degree heat all weekend. This is our version of contemporary art/photography … photographed in the curved windows of the Hirschorn Museum. I loved the exhibit on the basement level of the Hirschorn Museum – contemporary art by emerging artists – some very cool stuff. Worth mentioning was the beautiful hanging mobile/sculpture made completely from dry cleaning hangars with the white paper on them. The Smithsonian Castle gardens are truly some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. No doubt we would have spent more time in them if the heat hadn’t been so much. Here’s Carol, talking to her mom and dad from...

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