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How to pack for a 32-day trip?

Mission (should you choose to accept it): You get one day pack and one piece of luggage (a larger backpack). You must pack everything you need for 30 days and save space to bring back a few things. You also must be able to carry everything you’re bringing with you. First the technology: (this is my version of technology-lite) 1) Digital camera, an extra memory card, and batteries. 2) Digital voice MP3 recorder (not so good at writing anymore). 3) iPod loaded with approximately 15 audio books, 2 days worth of music, and several photos of home, headphones, and headphone splitter (in case you want to share). 4) Regular film camera (I can’t give up my extra-wide angle lens, and I can’t afford a digital SLR + wide-angle lens), film, and extra batteries. 5) Thumb drive. 6) G-Mail account – email yourself your Internet favorites too. 7) Alarm clock. Vacationing necessities: 1) Travel pillow (one of the really cushy ones, not the blow-up ones). 2) Rain jacket and warm liner, just in case the weather is bad. 3) Bathing suit(s), travel towel (packs in small space and dries quickly), and lightweight sari (good cover-up when you don’t want to get burned). 4) Paint-by-number puzzle books (also called Nonograms). 5) Passport, ATM card, and credit card. 6) Outlet converter (to charge iPod). 7) Bug-spray wipes, hand wipes, stain-removing wipes, and...

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Where am I going?

Now that I’m leaving in approximately 3 days (yikes!) it has occurred to me that I might want to re-read where I am going. You have to understand that I researched and booked this trip more than six months ago, and so I am a little fuzzy on the details. I did double-check my booking today to make sure I didn’t somehow screw up the flight dates or trip dates. I had meant to do lots of reading about where I’m going (I’ve got the Lonely Planet guide to Central Europe)… but… well, things just got busy! I’m traveling with a group called Intrepid Travel, going on the “Central Europe Encompassed” tour. If you would like to join me in re-reading about my trip, you can go here to view the trip notes (a fairly detailed itinerary of the trip). My husband and I used Intrepid Travel for our trip to Turkey last year and it was a wonderful trip – with just the right balance of them planning the logistics and you getting quite a bit of free time to yourselves when you get to where you’re going. I should (airlines willing) arrive in Vienna on Thursday, June 28th, and I will have a few days to wander around Vienna before joining the group on Saturday. I have to spend 8 hours on a layover in the Manchester...

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Peer pressure has forced me to blog…

When my husband (who generally does not advocate me doing any more than I already do) suggested that it was time for me to start blogging and stop sending mass emails with funny pictures of “what the dog did,” I finally decided that it was time to dive into the blogging world. (what did the dog do? She ate my husband’s Master’s diploma… which was framed and under glass.) Blogging is a strange beast in academia. The Chronicle of Higher Education has logged several stories related to how blogging might damage the credibility of academicians during their job searches. So their advice to the blogging academic might be to remain completely anonymous, with nothing to link your blog back to the school that you work for. However, I don’t see how it’s possible for me to divorce myself from my academic life. Nor is it appropriate to separate myself from my business (Andersen Algebra Consulting LLC) or my other web presence ( So, I’ve decided to launch an experiment in careful blogging. I hope I can find a way to strike a balance between sharing the events in my life (for those that would like to read) without damaging my credibility or getting myself in trouble at the institution that I currently work for (Muskegon Community College). Why “Busyness Girl”? At a birthday party long ago, when I was...

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