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Powerless (aka Life Without Internet, Round 3)

On July 5, 2011, I walked in to a Sprint store to make absolutely sure I was locked in to an ironclad contract for unlimited data service off my mobile hotspot.  The service representative (henceforth known as just another idiot sales person) swore that I could continue to receive the exact same level of service as long as I continued to make timely payments on my monthly contract.  I asked for double clarification.  I stated that I was willing to lock myself into a 5-year contract if necessary, just to keep my data plan.  “Oh no,” said the idiot...

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Year in Review 2010

Clearly, the best of 2010 is yet to be published (happy to report that the last two chapters of my dissertation have been turned in to my advisor). Time seems to bend towards the end of the year in a way that I don’t actually remember all the things I’ve done in this year (every year feels like three years to me).  So, it’s always useful to me to reflect on what I accomplished during the actual calendar year. Places I visited (for speaking engagements, conferences, meetings or fun*): Arizona: Scottsdale, Phoenix (twice), and Sedona* California: Mountain View Florida:...

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Mathfaery: Elizabeth Hamman

Elizabeth Hamman was a great math educator who will be truly missed in the International math community. She passed away very suddenly last week, at the age of 39, after suddenly developing a problem with blood clots in her lungs, which led to a bleed in her brain. Elizabeth started writing a blog last year, called Mathfaery: Making Math Magical and was known as @mathfaery on twitter. Elizabeth was a participant in the 2009 MCC Math & Technology Workshop, and was going to attend this year as the Assistant Director for the workshop. Her absence at this year’s workshop...

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Mental Reboot 2009

After a truly crazy 2009, I decided to take an end-of-the-year mental reboot. Joel and I traipsed off to Punta Cana (in the Dominican Republic) for five nights. We participated in one excursion while we were there (dune buggy ride, see pic below). This is my proof that Joel did actually dip his toes in the Ocean. Otherwise, I spent five days reading for fun (in the sun), while drinking Caribbean cocktails, with one of two views. Just for the record, these are not just feet with some photoshopped views in the background. View #1: The Beach View #2: The Pool I am pleased to report that I accomplished two things on this trip. First, I read the entire Sookie Stackhouse “Southern Vampire” series from start to finish. Second, I achieved Silver Medallion status on Northwest/Delta airlines (which I will get to keep for 2010). This will come in handy, since I already have trips booked to El Paso TX, Scottsdale AZ, Austin TX, Indianapolis IN, Oklahoma City OK, Boston MA, Houston TX, Chicago IL, Washington DC, Dallas TX, and Sedona AZ. Possibly Related Posts: The Four Processors: A Neogeneralist Problem? My New Work Colleagues Momentary Lapse of Memory New Chapter: Life Reboot Self Evaluation: List of...

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Year in Review 2009

I’m about to leave on a five-day mental reboot: no computer, no Internet, no cell phone, and lots of sunshine and pleasure reading.  For the last month I’ve been feeling kind of drained of energy and motivation, and a vacation away from all my high-level thinking and technology obligations sounded like a good idea. While I was feeling kind of unproductive and slug-like, I began reflecting on what I have done this year.  This is my version of a Year in Review. Math & Technology Workshop in Madison WI on Jan 8 Spent a month in India (Jan 11-Feb 12) Presentation at math event in Mississippi on Feb 19 ITC eLearning Conference in Portland Feb 21-24 Presentation to faculty at University of Maryland on March 3 Presentation at math event in Denver CO on March 6 Built a new Mindmap: There’s more to the web than Facebook (for students) Presentation to students at WSCC in Ludington MI on March 9 Built a new presentation: VYEW: The next great LMS? ICTCM Conference in New Orleans March 13-15 Six weeks of intense dissertation reading and writing on Literature Review in which I became something of a hermit (March 16-April 29) Trip to Utah for Mental Reboot April 30-May 9 Built slide version of Organize Your Digital Self Keynote presentation to faculty & staff in Traverse City MI: Choosing a Web 2.0...

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