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Year in Review 2009

I’m about to leave on a five-day mental reboot: no computer, no Internet, no cell phone, and lots of sunshine and pleasure reading.  For the last month I’ve been feeling kind of drained of energy and motivation, and a vacation away from all my high-level thinking and technology obligations sounded like a good idea. While I was feeling kind of unproductive and slug-like, I began reflecting on what I have done this year.  This is my version of a Year in Review. Math & Technology Workshop in Madison WI on Jan 8 Spent a month in India (Jan 11-Feb 12) Presentation at math event in Mississippi on Feb 19 ITC eLearning Conference in Portland Feb 21-24 Presentation to faculty at University of Maryland on March 3 Presentation at math event in Denver CO on March 6 Built a new Mindmap: There’s more to the web than Facebook (for students) Presentation to students at WSCC in Ludington MI on March 9 Built a new presentation: VYEW: The next great LMS? ICTCM Conference in New Orleans March 13-15 Six weeks of intense dissertation reading and writing on Literature Review in which I became something of a hermit (March 16-April 29) Trip to Utah for Mental Reboot April 30-May 9 Built slide version of Organize Your Digital Self Keynote presentation to faculty & staff in Traverse City MI: Choosing a Web 2.0...

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What I Learned on my Sabbatical

Subtitle: Officially Back to Work Here’s the flashy version (a little hard to read the captions): And the more boring “click-through” version: What I learned on my Sabbatical Uploaded on authorSTREAM by wyandersen | Upload your own presentation Possibly Related Posts: The Four Processors: A Neogeneralist Problem? My New Work Colleagues Momentary Lapse of Memory New Chapter: Life Reboot Self Evaluation: List of...

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Re-entering Society after Life as a Hermit

I’ve been sitting in my office at home working from dawn to dusk on my dissertation for approximately 7 weeks with no travel or distraction. I wish I could report that my literature review is done, but after 220 hours, 215 collected papers, and over 20,000 words written … it’s not. I’ve simultaneously loved what I’m learning and cursed why I ever wanted to get a Ph.D. in the first place – sometimes in the same day (or even the same hour). Friends on twitter have kept me sane during long days at home alone and picked me back up late at night after dissertation breakdowns. My advisor has (very awesomely) met with me for an hour every weekend to remind me to stay focused, give me pep talks, and help get me out of the mire of confusion that is my lit review. Joel has spent some late nights, after he is exhausted after working late himself, to help me make sense of some jigsaw puzzle of ideas or writing. I am starting to understand why every dissertation has an “Acknowledgements and Dedication” page right after the title page, and I wonder if I will be the first Ph.D. candidate to officially thank my social network on mine (assuming I get there, that is). I look forward to the two days a week when Christine comes in to...

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Things that I’m going to start making time for

Recently I hired an assistant for my consulting business, and it seems silly to pay for an assistant if I don’t use that newly found time to start making more sense of what I do with my time. When I was playing with the quartet on Thursday, I was thinking out loud that there are a lot of things that I wish I had time to do … but don’t seem to find time to do. A friend suggested I just try to do each activity once or twice a week instead of trying for a “practice every day” kind of schedule. This sounds like a pretty good idea. I’m thinking about reserving 60 minutes a day for some of these things I feel like I don’t have time for. First thing to do – make a list of things I like to do (or want to do) that could be done in time increments less than one hour. Note these are also all things I am currently NOT doing. Here goes … play the viola play the guitar play the piano scrapbook a page journal about our trip to Turkey do yoga pamper myself (do my nails, use lotion, take a bubble bath) practice “sit, stay, and come with the dogs” (who have become really lax in listening) practice my German practice my Spanish relearn the small amount...

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State of the Year 2008

This year I’ve been to California, New York, Kentucky, Texas, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Illinois (twice), and Washington DC (four times). I have given 19 conference or campus presentations, one traveling workshop, and organized a week-long math and technology workshop. The Instructors Resource Binders for Algebra (3 of them) and workbooks (3 of them) were published. Next year I’m going to India, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Oregon, Louisiana, Washington DC, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Perhaps, if I need to do less, I need to rename this blog Busyless Girl? Possibly Related Posts: The Four Processors: A Neogeneralist Problem? My New Work Colleagues Momentary Lapse of Memory New Chapter: Life Reboot Self Evaluation: List of...

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