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Bike to Work Day in Muskegon

Joel and some of his colleagues at the bank biked to work today. Joel’s round trip time is close to 2.5 hours. Possibly Related Posts: Why I Love Maria, or Love Hack (baby, love hack) Communing with the Pigs And Joel says he has nothing to say… Thoughts on the Honey-Do...

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Why I Love Maria, or Love Hack (baby, love hack)

This post is here for several reasons: Maria is always telling me I should write a blog It’s our anniversary tomorrow (13th) While I was sleeping the other day, and Maria couldn’t, she logged onto my iGoogle page and made some well-intentioned, but ultimately futile changes/additions in an effort to help me get my life organized. Revenge shall be mine!!! As a member of the Andersen clan of Billings, it is apparently part of my birthright to post a sappy ode to my wife on our anniversary (all my siblings, or at least their spouses, seem to do it). That said, here goes: Why I love Maria Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way: I think she’s pretty dang sexy!! She’s got gentle, smooth curves in all the right places. 😉 Maria cares about other people on a deep and individual level. She always has three or four ideas about everything. She hasn’t given up on me yet. She’s always one step ahead. When she laughs, she really laughs. Not just a chuckle, or a polite “ha-ha”. But a laugh from deep down and all over. When I make her laugh like that, I feel so good about myself. Even though she’s one of the strongest, most independent, and most resilient people I know, she can still me feel needed. She hasn’t given up on me...

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Communing with the Pigs

Joel said “Hey! Now I’m at MY family reunion!” (he’s always joking that he’s a pig because of how much he eats) The pigs were skittish at first, but then became curious about us. This guy looks a little crowded. Possibly Related Posts: Bike to Work Day in Muskegon Why I Love Maria, or Love Hack (baby, love hack) And Joel says he has nothing to say… Thoughts on the Honey-Do...

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And Joel says he has nothing to say…

These are Joel’s “Seven Interesting Things.” 1. I can remember my first moment of consciousness. I was almost 3 and it was Christmas morning in Orofino. It was 1976 and Uncle Gary and Aunt Carolyn and their kids, and Grandpa and Grandma Andersen were there. Before I woke up that morning I did not exist (at least in my mind). I was aware of the fact that it was my first memory that day, and from that day on. It was sort of like being an alien that decided to inhabit a little boy’s body on Christmas morning, and then got amnesia and forgot he was an alien. 2. I had a brief flirtation with the criminal underworld in college when I went through a minor shoplifting phase. Sad thing is, I only stole deodorant and blank audio tapes (for mix tapes of course!). I don’t remember why I stopped and what my logic was for doing it, but I did almost get caught once (very close – like 5 more seconds and I was gonna be in the clink) and maybe that gave me a scare. 3. I never kissed my first girlfriend (Jenny D)…..ever. An important fact about this is that I was 17 and she was 16 or so. I actually asked before I tried to kiss her and she said no (I thought I was...

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Thoughts on the Honey-Do List

Oh what is a man to do with his life Without clear commands and input from his wife? One fears he would wander and drift through each day without a clear goal or the good sense to say “Pray tell my dear lady what would you like me to do in order to make this day perfect for you?” But lo and behold what do the wise Wives provide, but a list for us poor men to use as a guide. Now some men may say this list is a gift, and failure to adhere to it may cause a rift. But those that are wise and experienced in years, look on this rare gift and it brings them to tears. For you see, just as one task is done and complete the list is amended to include two more feats! author: Joel Andersen (who will never get his own blog, so I am republishing his “comment” on my “Ode to my new closet light” here) Possibly Related Posts: The Four Processors: A Neogeneralist Problem? My New Work Colleagues Momentary Lapse of Memory New Chapter: Life Reboot Self Evaluation: List of...

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