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Blackboard to Canvas: Finding Missing Files Quickly

When you import a course from Blackboard to Canvas, all the text, hyperlinks, and general structure of the course remains intact, but any files you added to the Blackboard course become unlinked in the Canvas rebuild.  The files are there in Canvas, it’s just a matter of finding them.  This can be quite tedious unless you know a little trick (one of those “Secret Technology Club” tricks): Use Ctrl-F / Cmd-F to find the missing file in the File menu. Click on “Edit Page” to start.  Then go to the file menu (right panel) and drill down to the...

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Aligning Inline Equations Vertically in Instructure Canvas

When you use the Canvas equation editor to insert an equation surrounded by text, you may be wishing there was some way to align the equations in the middle vertically, instead of on the bottom (the default setting for inline equations).  Well, there is, but you’re going to have to be just a little brave and do a tiny edit to the HTML to fix it. The basic fix is to grab a small bit of HTML code and paste it into each equation image definition.  The code you need is: style=”vertical-align:middle;” First, click on “Switch View” to see...

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Collecting Learning Notebooks in an Online Course

In a prior post, I discussed how I’m using Learning Notebooks to encourage students to carefully think through the mathematical steps and notation for solving problems. I promised that I would explain how students complete this assignment in an online course, so today I’ve made a video, Collecting Learning Notebooks in an Online Course to show you the process I’m using inside of Instructure Canvas.  The process should be similar for other Learning Management Systems (though it may not be quite this easy). Here’s the process.  Students still complete their Learning Notebook exactly how they do in a traditional class....

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Escaping Blackboard and Redesigning for Instructure Canvas

I’ve been in the process of redesigning my Online Calculus course for Instructure Canvas, and I thought I’d share a bit about the design of the new course. In the redesign video, I will compare the same content as it existed in Blackboard, how it transfered “raw” to Canvas upon import, and then how I’ve re-styled it to design for “Pages” instead of “Folders.” You’ll find that it helps to settle on a consistent look and feel for your new Canvas pages. Find a relatively complicated page and spend some time thinking about page design. What elements do you...

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Canvas Gradebook: Hanky Time

At the Phoenix Math & Technology workshop, we continued to be delighted by Instructure Canvas (the LMS platform I used to run the workshop).  Throughout the workshop, we joked about the features of Canvas that made us cry tears of joy.  At some point, one of the participants waved a hanky in the air and proclaimed it “Hanky Time” and the rest is history. For the rest of our workshop, every time someone had one of those moments where they wanted to cry tears of joy, they proclaimed “Hanky Time” too. I wanted to share a few of these...

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