Unraveling the Mysteries of the Emerging Adult Brain

Dec 8, 2008 by

Diana Hestwood has been learning about the emerging adult brain (translation: the brains of our college students) for years. She sent me the latest version of her presentation (which she calls the “condensed” version, which was presented to the Project ACCESS fellows at AMATYC last month.

If you’ve never seen one of Diana’s presentations, it’s worth a look. Actually, even if you have seen the presentations, it’s always good to get a refresher. If nothing else, it might reduce your frustration level with freshmen college students.

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You can download the original PowerPoint and get the Bibliography for Diana’s presentation here.

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Mysteries of the Emerging Adult Brain

Nov 6, 2007 by

Here are a few selected handouts from Diana Hestwood’s workshop “Unraveling the Mysteries of the Emerging Adult Brain Ages 18-20 (Often until Age 25)”

If you are looking for the PowerPoint presentation to use with students in the classroom, it is in an earlier blog entry here.

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How your Brain Learns and Remembers

Nov 4, 2007 by

This is a wonderful presentation designed by Diana Hestwood and Linda Russell (of Minneapolis Community & Technical College). After last year’s presentation about “the emerging adult brain” I asked Diana if there was an existing presentation that we could use to explain the brain science to students when we go back to our classrooms. This year, Diana held a workshop to help us implement the teaching of brain science in the classroom, and part of that was this PowerPoint presentation.

Because Diana wants this presentation to be used in classrooms, I am posting three versions of this file:

If you have any questions about the presentation, email Diana Hestwood and I’m sure she will be happy to answer them.

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