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Keeping your Online Classes Straight

If you’ve ever taught several different courses in the same classroom, you understand the problem. At some point, all the classes start to blend together until you can barely remember who is in which class or what you’ve said where. This problem seems magnified for online classes, as you do not see the faces of your students when you are “in” each class and there is, therefore, no visual cue to keep them straight. So, as I am teaching three classes with major online components this fall, how will I keep them straight? I especially want to avoid posting the wrong assignments or announcements in a class. I decided to give each class it’s own unique look, with a different banner and different buttons so that when I am navigating the three classes, it is obvious which one I am in by the color schemes. The result of my customization: Here are my three classes with their three schemes: Possibly Related Posts: Add Graphs In The World to Courses Understand in learning objectives – it’s the forest, not the trees Learning at Scale Slides from ICTCM The Importance of Findability for Learners Why prototype a digital...

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Does syllabus = document in the online world?

My online calculus course just went through “evaluation” today and I was a bit worried about one of my interpretations of the evaluation checklist … a place to report on the evaluation the orientation document and the syllabus. In the online world, information is always right at your fingertips (a few keystrokes or mouse clicks away). Documents now seem (to me) outdated and inefficient. For example, if all you want to see is the grading policy, then why should you have to read through the whole syllabus to find it? So I didn’t use documents in my course design… at all. I wasn’t quite sure how this would go over to anyone else, but it made sense to me. Here’s what I did… I created a folder called “Orientation” with all the startup information in it, organized into another set of folders. The first folder under “Orientation” was a “Syllabus” folder, organized with another set of subfolders for the specific pieces of the syllabus. I will have to eventually (not this week) compile this information into a single “document” to give our Instructional Affairs office for their records (which is understandable, for now). But I think that the ability to find exactly the information that is needed… when it is needed… will be a benefit not only to the students, but to me too. BTW the evaluation turned out...

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