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Register for the 2012 MCC Math & Tech Workshop

  Registration for the 2012 MCC Math & Technology Workshop opens today at Noon EDT. ¬†Participants from all over the world are welcome, as long as you can speak English. ūüôā You can find information on the workshop and registration information at the website: 2012 MCC Math & Technology Workshop The cost for the 2012 Workshop is $160. ¬†Hotel is very reasonable at $69.99/night (+tax). The registration is two-tiered. ¬†First you’ll need to submit your information, and then after a quick check to make sure you’re the first registrant from your institution, we’ll confirm that you can continue on...

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Announcing the 2012 MCC Math & Technology Workshop

The 5th annual MCC Math & Technology Workshop will be August 6-10, 2012. ¬†It seems hard to believe that we’ve been welcoming math instructors to Muskegon to learn about technology for four years now, but I guess it must be so. Registration for the 2012 “Math Tech Bootcamp” (as its¬†affectionately known as) will begin at Noon EDT¬†on November 9. ¬†I’ll be posting a link to the registration information on the morning of November 9 (register fast, this usually books in less than one week). Thought I would share some of the comments from 2011 participants: I would definitely recommend...

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2011 MCC Math & Technology Workshop

Enough volunteers have stepped forward to allow us to go forward with a 2011 Math & Technology Workshop. ¬†This will be the fourth year running for this workshop, which (for the record) is run entirely by volunteers. ¬†The dates will be August 8-12, 2011. We will only do ONE LEVEL this year, Math Technology Bootcamp, but this will free up space for more participants at this level than in previous years (45 instead of 27). ¬†I’m announcing this now so that you can a) clear your schedule, b) clear your funding, and c) fight with your colleagues over who...

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2010 MCC Math & Technology Workshop

It’s the announcement you’ve all been waiting for. ¬†Registration for the 3rd annual MCC Math & Technology Workshop will begin in 10 days. ¬†The workshop will be held (as always) at Muskegon Community College in Muskegon, Michigan. As always, I have to thank our AWESOME sponsors for the 2010 workshop (without these companies and organizations there would be no workshop): Muskegon Community College Techsmith Wolfram Research Design Science Wacom MichMATYC You can participate in this week-long workshop at three levels: Technology Explorers: This week-long workshop is designed to assist college mathematics instructors to get up-to-date on technology for teaching mathematics and to begin to participate in Web-based instruction. The workshop will cover a wide variety of topics and skills all related to teaching mathematics with technology and the Internet. Participants will go back to their campus with a plan for how they will incorporate technology into their teaching. Participants will also receive free copies of some of the software they have learned how to use. 2010 graduates will receive Camtasia Studio, SnagIt, Mathematica, MathType, USB headsets, and Wacom peripheral tablets! Registration fee is $150. There are 26 spaces available. Technology Adventurers: The advanced workshop is designed for instructors who already have quite a bit of technology experience, or for returning participants. We take a look at designing digital presentations in a variety of forms, social networking, blogs, virtual worlds,...

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Workshop Foibles

What can go wrong at a week-long workshop? I’m going to share these in hopes that you can plan for some of these possible (and unanticipated) problems.¬† These are all the things that went wrong last week.¬† To read what went right, go to 2009 MCC Math & Technology Workshop. We started out the week with a freak thunderstorm that took out the power in the conference hotel for two days.¬† No way to plan for this one.¬† Luckily, all of our participants made it to town safely (with a few delays and scary drives).¬†¬† On the second day all the participants were relocated to a second “sister” hotel for the same rate ($60 a night). On the third day we prayed that power would come back on in the original hotel because all the participants had to move back.¬† Thankfully, it did.¬† The good thing to know here, is that if some freak weather event should happen to your conference hotel, they may have a sister hotel that they can move the guests to. Both my designated logistics person and the back-up to the logistics person had last-minute issues that kept them from being able to help out.¬† That means nobody to double check catering orders, to make phone calls about hotel issues, or to handle last-minute copies or supply runs.¬† I’ll admit, this one was the toughest...

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