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Get a free Casio fx-9860G Slim Calculator

Casio is undoubtedly trying to break TI’s hold on the handheld calculator market, and really, their newest calculator is definitely sleeker than TI’s new nSpire, so I, for one, am willing to look. Here are the new contenders in the handheld graphing calculator battle: In this corner, the TI-nSpire, weighing in at $159.99 and 80ish buttons. And in this corner, the underdog, Casio fx-9860G Slim, weighing in at $99.99 with 32 buttons and a flip top case. (hmm… remind you of any other handy pocket accessory that students carry?) If you will complete Casio’s demonstration/online training course on using the fx-9860G Slim, then they will give you a $100 debit card, which you can either use to purchase the calculator, or use for other supplies. Here is the press release with all the details. The press release tells you to go to the Casio Educator website. To actually participate you need to get a casio account and go through the training. This is only available while supplies last, and it takes a little while to “be approved” for the online course, so don’t drag your feet on this one! Possibly Related Posts: Bringing the Real World to Your Math Class Every Day Taking the Algebra Out of College Algebra Group Exploration in Math AMATYC Keynote Notes: Interaction and Impasse The 1-9-90 Rule and Observations of a Classroom...

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Android: The Future of Calculators?

Google has announced a new open-source platform called Android for mobile phones. Program developers are eligible for a piece of $10 million for developing novel and useful mobile phone programs. You can watch Google’s demo of Android here. It kind of starts out slow, so skip to the last 3 minutes if you just don’t have the time to invest 6 minutes to watch the whole video clip. How does this relate to math & technology? Well, surely someone (Maple, Mathematica, Texas Instruments, Casio) has got to realize by now that what we really need is graphing calculator SOFTWARE for students that runs on a mobile smart phone. Students carry less and less with them to class. Rarely a day goes by when several students have not even brought paper & pencil to class with them. The 2006 ECAR survey showed that the majority of students (70.3%) don’t bother to carry their laptops with them to class (even when it is required for class). So doesn’t it make sense that their smart phone should be able to double as a graphing calculator? And bonus… the calculator would then use color instead of black & white. Here’s another thought… Design Science (MathType) could use Android to develop a way to finally get mathematics into emails and onto smartphones. Unfortunately, I’m not really a programmer, or obviously I’d develop these ideas...

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TI-SmartView Drag and Drop

Here is a tip that I picked up at the Tablet presentation at AMATYC involving TI-Smartview. You don’t have to have a tablet to use this tip. It will work for anyone! Watch the short video clip to see how to import the graphs and screen views you see in SmartView quickly into a Microsoft Word document (the video takes a few seconds to load, so be patient). Now that I’ve seen it, it seems obvious, but I didn’t know you could do this, and so I’m guessing that not all of you did either! Possibly Related Posts: Taking the Algebra Out of College Algebra eLearning Tools for STEM Trends in Reform Instructional Strategies for Math History of Tools in the Teaching of Math Grand Theft...

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