What is a Doctorate? Well, I am here..

To understand where, exactly, here is, you’ll just have to go see the rest: What Exactly is a Doctorate?

I have planned 20 hours a week to work on my finishing the dissertation starting in September. I’m guessing I have about 100 hours to go (which doesn’t sound too bad considering I’ve got 425 hours in).  I probably won’t be much fun for a few weeks.

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Elvis Teaches Online Classes?

This is just priceless.

“but still … I wouldn’t trade … teaching online in my robe everyday…”

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Protein Synthesis Dance

If only to use this quirky video on Protein Syntheses from the 70s, complete with interpretive dancing, music, poetry, and poofs of smoke!

Of course, if you never read the original “Today I want to be a biologist…” that video is stunning, find it here.

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